Find Out How to Get & Keep Your Team Motivated

A free webinar to learn the most impactful strategies & shifts to get your team committed & motivated to do their best work

...for the long haul! 


12:00pm EST

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is perfect for you if you have direct reports & experiencing any of the following challenges with your team:

Employees that have "checked out" & seemed to stop caring about their work.

Frequent call offs or high turnover.

Employees who are disinterested in the organization's goals, vision or mission.

Lack of initiative (going the extra mile) and support for the team.

Lack of focus.

Dissatisfied or disgruntled attitudes.

Cynical & sarcastic comments about the organization or team.

What You’ll Learn:


What's killing team motivation in your workplace.


How to identify unmotivated employees & what to do.


How to overcome common employee engagement roadblocks.


Why team motivation is more important than ever.


The best strategy - A.K.A. "Secret Sauce" - to keep your team motivated long term!

A Note from the Host...

Dionna Appling | BA, MSM

Owner of BA PRO Inc, Host: New Culture Norm Podcast

"You don't want people to just show up to work. You want them to show up & do their best because they want to... Not because they have to."

I wish someone would've told me what it really takes to lead a team & get results before I became the one responsible for doing it. 
If you’re willing to invest just 60 minutes to get up to speed on the best way to keep your team motivated to their best work… I'll make sure that you'll walk away with the most effective strategies that'll have everyone else asking "how'd you get your team so... 'happy'?"

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